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The Multicultural Tour of South Tel Aviv

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Meeting point: Cafe Shapira - Ralbag 15 Tel Aviv

The Multicultural Tour of South Tel Aviv

We hear about them in the news, and occasionally see them on the street – but what do we really know about the cultures of immigrants and refugees in Israel?

Welcome to be surprised and fascinated by a tour of the fascinating cultures of South Tel Aviv!

About the Tour:

During the tour you will meet inspiring hosts from the variety of cultures that exist in the area: Eritrea, Sudan, Nigeria, the Philippines and more. We will meet them at the prayer house, school, hospitality space or restaurant and hear from them about their lives, their culture and the challenges they experienced before and after they arrived in Israel.
We will tour and learn about the Neve Sha’anan neighborhood and the Shapira neighborhood, we will see the beauty and exciting initiatives that grew out of the difficulty.

Be prepared to be surprised by a tour you will not forget!

My name is Hadas and I have loved getting to know new people and cultures since I can remember.
I developed this tour out of personal acquaintance with local people who agreed to let us into their world and get to know their culture from the inside.

* The tour lasts about 4 hours
* The tour includes snacks and coffee

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