Levinski market culinary tour

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Duration: 120 minutes

Meeting point: 6 merhavia st

Levinsky market was built as a trading center for the residents of the new city of Tel Aviv. Bulgarian, Bukharan, Persian, Balkan, Polish and North African newcomers joined to create the rich and unique blend of spices and delicacies that make the market we know and love today.

Over the years, the market changed from a wholesale spice center to a lively bustling market, with high quality stores and trendy restaurants from a variety of flavors and cultures.

Together we will tour the market and taste different delicacies, exposing you to the abundant food diversity and hidden gems only the locals know.


Come and experience this authentic market’s magic through a local’s point of view.

We will visit hand-picked culinary stops which serve as a full course meal

Make sure to come hungry!

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