Touching Tour Following Arik Einstein

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Meeting point: Gordon 36 Tel Aviv

Touching Tour Following Arik Einstein

Do you know the fascinating character of Arik Einstein? What is hidden beyond songs and poets? What sets Arik Einstein’s voice apart.

About the Tour:

We will get to know the house where Eric grew up in the old north of Tel Aviv, the athlete Eric, a basketball player, the national champion in high jump, an iron ball champion, a bronze medal in the Maccabiah, a “crazy” sports broadcaster for basketball and in particular the NBA.

Get to know Tel Aviv from the life angles of Aryeh (Arik Einstein) between Gordon and Trumpeldor streets, you will see where Tel Aviv artists sat in Kassit Cafe (also in nearby Cafe Ravel and California), we will get to know the great songwriter Arik Einstein and he is the “uncle” very close to him and his father Yaakov Einstein – “Avraham Halfi”, the tent theater where Arik and Yaakov his father played (Avraham Halfi in Otz Li Gutz Li and Yaakov Einstein), the house in Hovevei Zion where Arik lived 30 years with Sima Eliyahu and ending in the cemetery in Trumpeldor.

In every part and stage of the tour we will sing, we will hear songs by Arik Einstein from the Nahal band, Green Shade, the third of the Yarkon Bridge and the “High Windows” to the main artists who accompanied Arik-Yoni Rechter, Miki Gavrielov and Shalom Hanoch.

“The tour will also be Tel Aviv” which tells the story of Tel Aviv in places identical to the history of Arik Einstein.

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