Culinary Audio Tour in the Carmel Market

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Meeting point: Carmel Market


Culinary Audio Tour in the Carmel Market

Get to know our independent tours, audio-audio tours in the vibrant markets of Tel Aviv
Are you the type of tickling or the type who takes everything easy?

No matter what type you are, because in any case, our independent audio tours will allow you an experiential, delicious and interesting tour just like a private tour, at your own pace and time.

Want to know the markets as only the locals know? On the sonic tour you will discover the markets from a slightly different, different and interesting angle and everything in your time.

Please note that the ticket can be redeemed on Sundays-Thursdays 17: 30-09: 30, Fridays 9:30 to 15:30

So what does this include?

Just like abroad, we at EAT Market have created the recipe for a winning experience at your own pace especially for you!

Our designed tasting card includes :

  • Map of the tour route in the Carmel market
  • 10 audio explanation stations that contain different and interesting stories about the neighborhood, the lush market and the nice people
  • 6 stations of great food tasting, which we chose with tweezers
  • When you reach each station on the map, you can give the appropriate explanation for your location, or tear out the tasting voucher and give it to the owner of the place.
  • Ultrasonic-Neri Tasting Card
  • Route map for audio stations
  • Voice guidance with 10 voice explanations
  • A bowl of acai which is considered a super food, breakfast straight from Brazil
  • Fine coffee with full types of coffee
  • An authentic kebab in pita
  • Fish & Chips will make you feel like you’re in London
  • Tripolitian dish
  • My heart is sweet and delicious Turkish
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